Furnace & Heat Pump Repair, Columbia MO

What to do FIRST if your furnace or heat pump isn’t working the way it should:

  1. Check all your circuit breakers or fuses. Make sure electric power’s on.
  2. Check for a clogged or dirty air filter.
  3. Check the thermostat for correct setting (should be on HEAT).

Okay, that didn’t do it? Here’s how much it costs for us to come out.

“What?? You’re going to give me the price?”

Yep. We’ve been straight up with people for 50 years. We think it’s why so many customers’ kids (and grandkids) have become customers, too.

It depends on a few things: whether you’re a business or home, what time of day, and how far we have to drive (we hope gas costs go down, too). These are one-time diagnostic fees to determine what needs fixing. While we’re there, we’ll be very clear on what it will cost to get things fixed up perfectly for you. Guaranteed.

We service all brands!

Regular (M-F, 8-5) /After Hours

$79 / $124 $84 / $139 $94 / $144 $99 / $154
Jefferson City
New Franklin
Kingdom City
Prairie Home
Pilot Grove
Holts Summit

This will be a flat fee – even if it takes us a couple hours, we won’t charge you any more to figure out what’s wrong. Our technician’s will quote your costs for repair plainly and clearly. No surprises. Ever. We think that’s one of the reasons so many folks seem to be relieved to do business with us.

Plus, if we quote you regular service price, but we’re running late – that’s our fault, not yours. We will never bump you into emergency. You’ll know up-front what to expect. That’s how we’ve done business for half a century. Seems to work pretty well for everybody.

Now you know what it’ll cost to get us there. What other questions do you have? We’re ready to help – day or night. Just contact us and you’ll be more comfortable in no time.

You may not consciously think about it, but of course you care about your family’s comfort every day.

Sure, it’s true, in fifty years no one’s ever called us up just to say, “Hey, my air conditioner’s really running GREAT today! Man, I can just tell how efficiently it’s running. Thank you!”

Chapman Spring Family PictureKnow if you do need service: We guarantee it’s when we say … or you don’t pay!

It’s called The Chapman Family Guarantee.

And then, below that, is our best advice to you. Three generations in the comfort business have proven without a doubt that an ounce of prevention can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So … first check the simple and common solutions below. Then, if you have a problem, please give us a call.

Now. For next time, here’s what we recommend:

Three generations of experience have taught us (and thousands of customers in central Missouri) that annual maintenance is the best small investment you can make in your comfort. Why not learn more about the benefits of The Chapman Family Comfort Club!