About The White Van Boys

Extensive interviews. Background checks. Drug testing.

At Chapman Heating & Cooling, we recognize we’re a different sort of business. Since we come to you, we need extra levels of safety and precaution to make sure you feel comfortable with our guys in your home.

When you’ve been in business more than fifty years, you’ve learned a thing or seven about hiring and keeping good people.

We guarantee it.

Hiring Good People

It’s quite simple.

Before we give someone keys to one of our white vans, they’ve been interviewed, interviewed again, interviewed a third time, background checked, and drug tested.

But there’s more … we make sure our guys are polite and respectful so you’ll know they’ll take care if a baby’s sleeping or you’re having company over this weekend.

We look for and hire guys who’ll happily wear booties over their shoes and clean up every last speck of dust when they’re finished. At Chapman, our guys know some of the best compliments they can get from happy customers is that “we hardly knew they were here!”

Keeping Good People

Thirty years. Twenty Years.

It’s not uncommon to see our guys stay with us for decades. We’re one of the few service companies in the midwest that offers profit sharing to our team.

We pay up to 40% higher than what’s average in this area, plus we refuse to lay guys off during any slow periods, plus we offer a generous benefit package.

Why? Simple – a happy team works better, faster, and more safely than a team always worried about whether or not their next paycheck’s going to bounce.

We treat our guys the way we would want to be treated. We do our best to fill our white vans with only those with whom we’d trust our own children.

Do You Really Want The Cheapest In Your Home?

Think about it. If they’re the cheapest, why are they the cheapest?

What corners are they cutting? What does it matter to them if their guy shows up two hours late wearing dirty pants, a ripped Iron Maiden t-shirt, and smelling outright offensive?

With Chapman, you’ll never get any surprises. We’re licensed, insured, and work with the local authorities to make sure we’re always in compliance.

You’ll know your family’s safe, comfortable, and that our family’s always ready to deliver on the promises of more than fifty years of a strong, solid team.

What do you say?