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Why choose Chapman Heating & Cooling?

Our biggest sale of the year is going on now! Click here to learn how you save more than $2600 on a brand-new, fully-warrantied Lennox furnace!

By doing what it takes to guarantee your complete satisfaction, Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning’s been made welcome in thousands of homes in central Missouri.

We started in 1958 as Chapman Heating. Back then, there was no air conditioning. Now, we service all brands and specialize in furnace repair and furnace replacement, as well as heat pumps and geothermal systems.

Sure, we’ve grown and invested in new technologies and training, but we still pride ourselves on never losing sight of the three secrets to business Grandpa taught us:

  1. Take care of the customer.
  2. Take care of the customer.
  3. Take care of the customer.

We proudly partner with Lennox to sell their home comfort products.We service all brands and models.

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